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Aztec / Mexica

 The Aztecs were from Aztlan. Aztecs means “people from Aztlan". Mexica means “people from Mexico”. Aztecs wandered until they found their new homeland in Mexico. When they arrived, they changed their name to “Mexica”. It is said that their god Huitzilopochtli appeared in a dream to four priests (Teomama) and gave his name to the Aztecs since his was also known as Mexi. Therefore, Mexica also means sons of Mexi or Huitzilopochtli. 

Indigenous People of America

The Mexican and Central American people are native to the North American Continent, from Nicaragua to Northeastern Arizona. Our  people, largely the Uto-Aztecan peoples - the Hopi, Comanche, Shoshone, Tongva, Ute, Yaqui, Tohona O'odham, Ra-Ram-Uri (Tarahumara), Huichol, Paiute, and Azteca (Mexica) came from this land as a single, interrelated cultural complex, and a single civilization. 

The Mexican people are the descendants and the end product of five centuries of genocide - the greatest Holocaust in human history. Over 100 million of our ancestors, i.e. at least 90% of natives were killed. There were no borders as we understand them today. The borders of today are all European made and foreign to this land and to its people. 

The argument will be raised that Mexicans are not Indians, but rather some kind of half-breed, i.e. mestizos. This argument is invalid because only 10% of the population has ever been European in Mexico. We are an Indigenous people to America - regardless of the torture, rape, genocide, and foreign culture and religion that have been forced upon us by the invaders.  

We are Native Americans!

Mexicans of today are every bit as Mexican as other former people of Mexico

Mexicans are descendants from the Nahuatl-speaking Indians, as well as from northern tribesmen. About 80% of the genetic makeup of the Mexican people is Indian or Native American and only about 10% is Spanish-European. So the typical Mexican can be considered, racially, as if he were a pure-blood Indian, since his non-native racial heritage is relatively insignificant. The typical Mexican would correspond to a United States Indian with only one-tenth or one-sixteenth Caucasian ancestry. 

Aztec Dancers

The dance of XIPETOTEC in celebration of the festivities of the day of the dead.. The name of the group of dancers is NOK NIUK... the ritual or celebration started in the ninth month of the aztec calendar (around August) and the celebration lasted a month, the celebration was dedicated to the goddess MICTECACIHUATL, this celebration dates back almost 3000 years, when our ancestors celebrated the Mictlan doors openings and honor our goddess and our dead loved ones.

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 We hope you develop a vision for the liberation of our people, with actions that confront the racism against us and the occupation of our continent by Europeans. We hope you too will declare yourself independent from the Hispanic-Latino European colonialism and racism that has enslaved us for over 500 years. We hope you will realize that as Mexican, you are Native American!  

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