Native American Genocide

The horrors of Thanksgiving and the Future of Whites as the Minorities. 

Genocide of the aztecs

Herman Cortes was a thief and murderer for gold and land.

The truth about Christopher Columbus

Columbus was a horrible man. He committed murder, rape, and started a trans-Atlantic sex trade with minors against our brothers and sisters. He should not be celebrated. Shame on America for teaching our children to honor this beast. 

The story of Hatuey

 This story is based on a true event, about a true Heroic warrior named Hatuey. When the Europeans arrived to the land of his people, he was the 1st Native to revolt against the Europeans, and when captured, they (European-Christians) offered him baptism in the name of Jesus Christ so that after they tied him on a stake, and burnt him alive, he can enter the gates of heaven, or otherwise he'll suffer for an eternity in Hell. Hatuey asked, "Is Heaven the place where Christians go?" The priest answered, "Yes, we good Christians go to heaven." So Hatuey responded, "Then I much rather go to Hell!" and then he spat at their faces. 

Manifest Destiny

The belief that the European settlers had a divine or religious obligation or duty to conquer and expand over the entire land from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean.  

The driving force behind why the European colonizers killed off the Native American Indians and Mexicans in America.

Manifest Destiny - the belief that Americans, i.e. white man, had the God-given right to expand westward, to spread democracy, and to conquer anything and anyone as they marched across the North American continent - governed the westward movement across the North American continent between 1800-1860.

Three major beliefs upheld the vision of manifest destiny:

Americans would geographically, politically, and economically expand to the continental limits.

Americans would Americanize all people living within the continental limits.

Americans would forcibly extinguish any attempt by peoples already living in North America to resist Americanization.

The completion of America's continental borders was facilitated by four avenues for taking land: purchase, diplomacy, appropriation, and war.

 Five underlying reasons were largely responsible for westward expansion:

The belief in manifest destiny

The desire to explore and map out the North American Continent

The search for religious freedom

The desire to expand their democratic principles

The hope for economic opportunity

While most Americans favored the concept and practice of manifest destiny, throughout the entire period of westward expansion, significant opposition existed. Foremost in the opposition were anti-war activists, abolitionists, and human rights advocates.

Mexicans and native americans were here together

Mexicans and Native Americans were here when the rocks were soft. We are Native to the Americas! We are one people. Our blood is mixed with one another. We are one family. The boarders have crossed both Mexicans and Native Americas. 

Biological Warfare on natives

Evidence that the Europeans PLANNED to use Smallpox as the disease to exterminate the Natives of America.

Dakota Indian prisoners of war as they went to the gallows

 “This song was sung by thirty-eight Dakota Indian prisoners of war as they went to the gallows at Mankato, Minnesota, on December 26, 1862, in the largest mass execution in American history." -- Sidney Bird. Dakota Hymn - Wakantanka / "Many and Great". Words & Music: Joseph R. Renville (1779-1846); first appeared in the "Dakota Odawan", also known as "Dakota Dowanpi Kin" (1842). 

If your ancestors were from the Americas (North and South American Continents) then you are indigenous to America

Native American tells the protesters who is illegal.

mexicans learn the true history because you are in your homeland!

We are native to America. We are not illegal in our own ancestral home land. We did not immigrate from another country. We are migrants free to travel the length and breadth of the Americas because we belong here.